Nursery Food Matters – Our fight against childhood obesity

At Willow Cottage we continue to push forward our healthy food campaign, working to ensure not only that our children receive home-cooked, nutritionally balanced and low sugar meals on a daily basis, but that this is underpinned by a robust and exciting healthy food education.

 At Willow Cottage our children learn to make healthy food choices for themselves, distinguish between different kinds of food, and gain simple and appropriate food-handling skills, to stand them in good stead for the future. During the next few months our summer activities and ‘growing theme’ will give the children practical experience of how to grow, harvest, prepare and enjoy their own fresh foods.

“Nursery Food Matters – an embedded educational philosophy” is the name of our ‘Leading Aspect Award’ awarded in recognition and celebration of our cutting-edge educational performance and practice which is integrated within the delivery of our pre-school education. It recognises the fact that we publish and make accessible much of the ‘foodie’ work done at Willow Cottage. This material enables families, childminders and carers to use the recipes and background information at home and provides a resource for other Early Years’ settings.

Our three-week rolling menu is award winning and all of the recipes are now available in both family, childminder and nursery size as electronic downloads with an ‘active index’ to Nursery Food Matters at Willow Cottage access each recipe individually.

Our season ‘foodie work’ follows the natural calendar and is being disseminated into the wider community by means of Mr. Willow’s monthly fun food e-newsletters, children’s books, e-books and other resources which are available online.

Please follow the link to download your free FUN FOOD NEWSLETTER. Mr. Willow’s children’s books, recipe books and other fun food resources for parents, carers and nurseries are available at


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