30 Hour Funding

30 Hour Free Childcare Entitlement 

30 Hour Free Childcare Entitlement 

Free Childcare Entitlement

Willow Cottage is pleased to confirm details of our offering for up to 30 hours Free Childcare Entitlement (FCE) for parents of three and four-year-olds. From May 2021, families are able to claim up to 8 hours for each day that the eligible child attends.

  • Children attending 5 days per week are able to claim up to 30 Hours Free Childcare Entitlement.
  • Children attending 4 days per week are able to claim up to 30 Hours Free Childcare Entitlement.
  • Children attending 3 days per week are able to claim up to 24 Hours Free Childcare Entitlement.
  • Children attending 2 days per week are able to claim up to 16 Hours Free Childcare Entitlement.

It is possible to split the funding between up to two different providers.

Although the 30 Hours FCE will be claimed during Oxfordshire County Council school term, the funding will be stretched and delivered throughout the whole year. The funded hours are delivered entirely free of charge and are split evenly across your 12 monthly invoices per year.

The ’30 hours per week’ free childcare entitlement covers a total of 38 weeks. When they are stretched, this works out to 1140 hours per year (38 x 30), that are delivered across 12 months, at around 95 hours per month.

Please visit our Fees Page for details of our how the Free Childcare Entitlement reduces your monthly fees. 


Eligibility is subject to the conditions set out by the Government and by the Oxfordshire County Council. These conditions can be found on the OCC website by visiting:  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/30-hours-free-childcare-eligibility .

Registering for 30 Hour Free Childcare Entitlement

Parents and carers need to obtain a 30 Hour Eligibility Code in order to receive any additional hours funding (16-30 hours Free Childcare Entitlement). The code can be obtained from the Department for Education, by registering at the following site: https://childcare-support.tax.service.gov.uk/ Please note that there have been reports of the government’s site being temporarily unavailable, we assume this will be resolved shortly.

Before the Additional Hours funding can be included as part of your Standard Monthly Charge you must have provided the nursery with your 30 Hour Eligibility Code, your National Insurance number and your child’s date of birth.

Funding-only 30 Hour per week Free Childcare Entitlement places

Willow Cottage will be offering a limited number of funding-only places under the 30 Hour FCE scheme. Children with a 30 Hour funding-only place receive the same quality of care as a child attending full-time and it is entirely free of charge.

The 30 Hour Free Childcare Entitlement will be delivered during our designated core hours of 8.30am to 11.30am and then from 13.30pm to 4.30pm each day; the funding is for 30 hours per week, and 38 weeks per year during local authority term time. Places will be provided on a first come first served basis and subject to FCE eligibility (see above) and availability.

Funding-only places are available only during the designated core hours and no extra hours or days are available.

Further resources

Oxfordshire County Council and the Gov.uk site both publish helpful resources on 30 hours funding and eligibility. As the pages change regularly, please visit the sites and search for ‘Free Childcare Entitlement’.