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Our latest Parents’ Newsletter is Here! - Our newsletters are written to keep you informed of what is, and has been happening at Willow Cottage.
Learning Through Play - At Willow Cottage Nurseries all our learning is based around play. To read more please see our latest Newsletter article called "learning through play".
Toad in the Hole Our Latest ‘FUN FOOD NEWSLETTER’ is here! - If your child enjoys food preparation and cooking then you might like to try some of Mr. Willow's Fun Food Activities! This month's Fun Food eNewsletter includes how to make Mr Willow’s delicious Toad in the Hole. Encourage your child to eat well and have fun at the same time!
Mr Willow (The Bear Chef) continues his “Nursery Food Matters” Campaign! - Mr. Willow's Nursery Food Matters Campaign continues with his new initiatives to educate young children in healthy food matters and so to help fight childhood obesity and its related diseases. On 4th June a consultation meeting was held with staff and parents at Willow Cottage Nurseries Oxford as to how best to develop his new Click for more details
Britain declares childhood obesity a ‘National Crisis’ - Obesity in children was in the headlines again this week reporting that, among children in their final year at primary school, one child in three is now overweight or obese. Why not make a difference and "pass" on the junk food? If you are feeding children on a regular basis (individually or in larger groups) Click for more details
Healthy diet boosts childhood IQ - Eating chips, chocolate and cake may be damaging to a child's intelligence, according to researchers at Bristol University. Bristol University study suggests a link between a diet high in processed foods and a slightly lower IQ.
2013/14 editions of our NURSERY RECIPES recipes are now published and available! - The latest editions of our electronic nursery recipe books are now ready and available as DOWNLOADS We now publish all the recipes from our award winning Three Week Rolling Menu both in Nursery size and Family size. With step by step instructions, colourful photos, cooking and nutritional advice they guide you to provide a well Click for more details
OUTSTANDING RATINGS FROM OFSTED - "OUTSTANDING" ratings by Ofsted for Willow Cottage Nurseries both Oxford & Witney settings. Willow Cottage Nursery,Owl's Leat, Eynsham, Witney and Willow Cottage Nursery,Oxley's Farm, Farmoor, Oxford have both received OUTSTANDING judgements by Ofsted and as such heralded as being highly effective early year’s provisions meeting the children’s needs exceptionally well.
Getting enough vitamin D from Sunshine & Diet - Willow Cottage Nurseries, Oxford & Witney are used as a "case study" in “An essential guide to Vitamin D” for children because of their proactive attitude towards Vitamin D in the diet and sunshine.
“The Bear Chef’s Children’s Stories and Rhymes” – available as Paperbacks and eBooks. - Mr. Willow's Children's Books 1-4 are now available as paperbacks or as ebooks for iPads and Kindle. These lovely factual children’s books are full of activities and early science concepts and are great to read "together" with your child; they have lots of fun-food-activities to help your child learn about healthy food and making healthy Click for more details
Willow Cottage Nurseries gain prestigious Leading Aspect in Education Award & receive a special message from the Prime Minister - Title of Leading Aspect Award - Nursery Food Matters – An Embedded Educational Philosophy. The food education for children, staff and parents is a strand that permeates all aspects of Nursery life and given equal importance as all elements of development and learning.
Scores on the Doors – 5 Stars again for both Farmoor and Eynsham Settings from O.C.C Public Health. - ***** 5 Stars again for both settings of Willow Cottage Nurseries and a special Elite Business Food Award from the County for our Farmoor setting for their consistent standards of Excellence.
Just Released! – The Bear Chef’s Children’s Books - The books from our Highly Commended Fun Food Family Packs are now available in print from all good on line booksellers such as Blackwells, Waterstones, Smiths, and Amazon etc. Mr. Willow Children’s Stories & Rhymes are also available via our website Mr. Willow Children’s Books contain a wealth of early science concepts, sensory activities Click for more details
Language and Literacy – The demonstrable benefits of reading with children - Once again the benefits to children of being read to by their parents is being highlighted by the latest research. "Children are much less likely to develop social and emotional problems in later life if they are read to, according to the latest study from Essex University. Professor Yvonne Kelly, who led the study explains Click for more details
New – The Willow Cottage Collection of Children’s Stories, Rhymes and Poems. - As part of our Language, Literacy and I.C.T. provision for children attending Willow Cottage and their family, we are compiling our own very special video library of children’s stories, rhymes and poetry. The stories, rhymes and poems selected have been personalised and recorded by our own nursery practitioners to provide interaction, familiarity and therefore extra Click for more details
Children need sunshine as well as a healthy diet! - We are all aware now that a healthy diet in the early years influences a child's growth and development and their educational attainment. (More information on the research findings is available on our website) We also know that it is vital that a child's diet contains good quality fats (dairy, oily fish etc) since these Click for more details
David Cameron visits Willow Cottage Nursery - ITV News captures David Cameron M.P. visiting Willow Cottage Nursery at EYNSHAM, renowned for its healthy food provision and "Fun Food Education".
David Cameron Opens Our New Classrooms - David visited us recently when he planted an apple tree and opened our new classrooms. We all thought that it was great role-modelling when David took a short break from the clamours of Westminster to plant a special apple tree for the children in the nursery garden and to promote the importance of "growing your Click for more details
The importance of good food at an early age - Professor John Stein F.R.C.P. of Oxford University says:-“There is now overwhelming evidence that infants' nutrition plays a very important part in optimal development of their brains.