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Mr. Willow’s Hot Cross Buns - Children’s Cookery and Food Understanding made FUN with Mr. Willow (The Bear Chef). Mr. Willow’s Hot Cross Buns. A recipe to make with your child. Makes approximately 12 buns. Click for more details
Day of Reflection - Today marks one year since the first UK lockdown. Today we are taking the opportunity to reflect on all that has happened over the past year. The teams will be talking to the older children about all the people who have looked after us and remember the journey we have been on this past year. Click for more details
World Book Day 2021 - Thank you to those parents and family members who sent in a video of them reading a story, we have loved watching them. Last week the children and staff were invited to come to nursery dressed as a book character, wearing their pyjamas or just to bring in their favourite book. We had some wonderful… Click for more details
Mr. Willow’s Tasty Fishcakes - Enjoyable meal times are such an important part of our culture at Willow Cottage. We prioritise time together where the children can learn about their food and how it is important for their growth and development. Click for more details
Willow Cottage Nurseries Are Now Recruiting - Willow Cottage Nurseries are recruiting passionate and professional Early Years Practitioners and Educators to help us deliver the highest quality education and childcare. Are you looking to take on a fresh challenge? We have several leadership positions becoming available across our settings in Farmoor, Eynsham and Bletchingdon. If you would like to join the Willow… Click for more details
Petition to Reduce the speed limit on Lower Road, Eynsham - Please do consider signing the petition and help us take action. It is highly important to us that our parents and teams are able to travel safely to our nurseries. Click for more details
Father Christmas visits our Bletchingdon Nursery - What a wonderful treat to have a visit from Father Christmas last night... He was spotted delivering presents to all of the Bluebottles, Bumblebees and Butterflies at Willow Cottage Nursery! Click for more details
Father Christmas visits our Eynsham Nursery - What a wonderful treat to have a visit from Father Christmas last night... He was spotted delivering presents to all of the Grasshoppers, Butterflies and Ladybirds at Willow Cottage Nursery! Click for more details
Father Christmas visits our Farmoor Nursery - What a wonderful treat to have a visit from Father Christmas last night... He was spotted delivering presents to all of the Foxes, Owls and Hedgehogs at Willow Cottage Nursery! Click for more details
Nat is starting her Maternity Leave - Today we surprised Nat with a (socially distanced) celebration in the garden so that Nat’s key children and the staff teams could give her our baby gifts and we could all wish her all the best. Nat finishes this week to go on her maternity leave, we are all going to miss her positivity and… Click for more details
Bonfire Night Celebration at Bletchingdon - Today saw another successful Bonfire Night celebration at Bletchingdon. The Butterflies, Bumblebees and Bluebottles all enjoyed a special tea of Hot Dogs with homemade ketchup followed by fruit kebab rockets with toasted marshmallows. Click for more details
Matt is getting married! - It is with great excitement that the whole of the Willow Cottage family would like to wish Matt and his fiancé Lottie all the best for their wedding day this weekend, Saturday 31st October. The original date of their wedding was back in June, but their big day had to be postponed. However, they are… Click for more details
The sheep have arrived in Bletchingdon - The excitement levels were high today, as we saw the sheep arrive in our field at our Bletchingdon Nursery. There are “Thousands and thousands” of them according to one child. All the children are thrilled and the teams are pretty pleased too. We hope the sheep will be very happy in their new home and… Click for more details
Pumpkin Soup - Pumpkin Soup - Here is our favourite nursery recipe for pumpkin soup to make with your child with a few helpful tips and suggestions. We hope that you have a lot of family fun making it. Click for more details
The Bubble structure at Willow Cottage - The traditional departmental structure (based on age groups) has been replaced by smaller groups of children of all ages, called Bubbles. They have proven an effective way to help the children back to nursery after the lock-down, primarily as a way to reduce the risk and spread of infection, but they also have lots of… Click for more details
Welcome to Lisa Constable - Lisa writes; "I have worked in the early years sector for almost 25 years, including hands on practice and management roles. I am delighted to be here and working alongside a friendly team with family at its heart. My main responsibility is to ensure smooth running of parent accounts and I am now getting to… Click for more details
Clare Clarke’s Retirement - We all wish Clare and her husband Nobby all the best for the future and thank Clare for all her hard work and committment over the many years with us. We are so very proud to have been working with Clare for nearly thirty years. We would all like to wish her the best retirement… Click for more details
Mr Willow the Bear Why not take your child blackberry picking this autumn? - Blackberries are delicious eaten fresh or cooked and they are full of Vitamin C. They also contain potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. One cup of blackberries counts as one of our recommended five-a-day of fruit and vegetables. Blackberries freeze well too. Click for more details
Local Nursery Food - Our menus are meticulously planned to include lots of fruit and vegetables, regular oily-fish, quality meat and vegetarian options. They are designed to be low in salt and sugar with lots of fibre! Our meat is free range, traditionally farmed and selected for extra leanness. Click for more details
Willow Cottage Toilet Roll Challenge - As a piece of Willow Cottage history, Ruth Salway has put together a few videos of the children and teams having a little fun. We have added them to our YouTube channel. Here they are together. Click for more details