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Five stars again - Five Stars - once again Congratulations to Liz and the Bletchingdon Team this week who received their five stars for their Food Standards Agency - Food Hygiene inspection yesterday. This achievement is especially celebratory as Liz was not cooking at Bletchingdon at the time of the inspection. Alison was standing in to cover and the… Click for more details
Willow Cottage Nurseries Are Now Recruiting – Deputy Manager - Willow Cottage Nurseries are recruiting passionate and professional Nursery Manager and Early Years Practitioners and Educators to help us deliver the highest quality of education and childcare. Are you looking to take on a fresh challenge? We have several leadership positions becoming available across our settings in Farmoor, Eynsham and Bletchingdon. If you would like… Click for more details
Rain, rain, don’t go away - At Willow Cottage you are spoilt for choice as to where to play outside first. From the mud kitchen to The Orchard, the balance beam to the bikes, from Forest School to the sand pit, or snuggled into a cosy den there are a myriad of options for the children to choose from. Click for more details
Five Star Food Hygiene Rating - Willow Cottage has a rich history of prioritising nutritious home cooked food. Something we are very proud of. Click for more details
Amazing Apprentices - Apprentices of all levels are role modelled and mentored by our managers, qualified staff and Head Teacher as well as by college tutors and assessors. We know that these talented practitioners will be the Early Years Professionals educating and nurturing young minds into the future. Click for more details
Festive star biscuits - Low Sugar Festive Star Biscuits -A winter recipe to make with your child. You will need: Set of scales, large mixing bowl, small bowl, sieve, tablespoon, large baking tray, star shaped cutters if possible, a rolling pin and a Teflon liner. A fish slice/spatula and timer. Before you start. Wipe all food preparation surfaces with… Click for more details
Winter Fun Food - Our interactions with food have continued into the winter months at all 3 settings, through cooking, baking, crafting and painting to name a few. We have loved having fun with food to explore patterns, textures, flavours, size, shape and colour. Click for more details
Continuous Provision Communication and Language - Babies are born ready and willing to communicate. They depend on interactions with others to become confident and effective communicators and Language users. - Birth to 5 Matters Click for more details
Continuous Provision. Imaginative Play - are learning. By supporting play, through free access to toys and resources (continuous provision), we value children’s individual styles of learning and enable their imaginations to flourish.  Looking around our settings, you will see many resources always available as part of our continuous provision that support imaginative, pretend and role play. These include small world toys… Click for more details
Continuous Provision – Literacy - Literacy is a journey that children embark on from the moment they are born, evolving from many experiences including relationships, language and physical development. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) separates literacy into two categories, reading and writing, but, these subheadings overly simplify a rich, exciting and magical voyage of discovery that children will explore… Click for more details
Continuous Provision – Maths - Learning Through Play. Continuous Provision - Maths Learning happens as children explore the world. Our continuous provision supports children's curiosity and natural learning instincts by allowing them to choose to play with the things that interest them, engage them and allow them to have agency over their time. Development can only take place when children… Click for more details
Martinstag - To celebrate Martinstag here at Farmoor we got dressed up in our coats and Wellies and headed down to The Orchard after tea. There were so many lights of different kinds. Some of the adults had brought in their lanterns from home and we were fascinated to see them in the trees. Click for more details
Bonfire and Sparklers - On Monday evening we finished off our Bonfire week with a delicious tea of hot dogs before meeting all our friends out in the big garden to have our very own bonfire. We sat around the fire and sang some campfire songs whilst watching the flames, before each having a turn with a sparkler. Click for more details
Bonfire Night - Remember, remember, the fifth of November! Here at Willow Cottage we have done just that. Bonfire night is a wonderful time in Autumn where we use a variety of enhancements and activities with the children to help us think about and celebrate over the course of our week. Click for more details
Diwali 2021 - Diwali is a festival celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists and is a joyous occasion filled with lamps, candles and lights. This week we have been exploring The Festival of Lights at Eynsham, Bletchingdon and Farmoor. Click for more details
Pumpkins and Gourds - We are always fortunate to have pumpkins and gourds come into fruit during the harvest season. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. The learning opportunities are endless. Click for more details
Continuous Provision - Our children are at the heart of everything we do. Our settings have been specifically selected for their exciting environments and the resources we make available are carefully considered. Children’s learning can then be supported, challenged, communicated and expressed in a variety of imaginative ways. Click for more details
Feedback Friday - Our child has learned and developed hugely over her time at Willow Cottage. I honestly can’t imagine her having gone anywhere else, and I know that having such confidence in the Willow Cottage team enabled me to relax and helped me be a better parent. Click for more details
Willow Cottage Winter Menu - As we move into autumn, our new Four Week Rolling Menu will start this Monday. The lighter summer menu will be replaced with some delicious hearty soups and warming meals. We look forward to the return of our famous Gobble Gobble Turkey Pie and Cluck Cluck Chicken Pie. The children will once again be in… Click for more details
Hedgerow Harvest - During September we encouraged our families to go blackberry picking and share with us some of their spoils. As part of this month's fun food activity, Willow Cottage families have been scouring the hedgerows for seasonal bounty with a special focus on blackberries. Thank you to everyone who has shared their fruitful finds with their… Click for more details