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Congratulations Owls Leat – Eynsham - Congratulations Owls Leat - Eynsham, on your recent Ofsted inspection Following Eynsham's recent Ofsted inspection we wanted to share with you some of the wonderful things included in the report as well as some fabulous things our families were able to express to the inspector on the day. "Children delight in being in this welcoming,… Click for more details
Promotions, Length of Service and Achievements -Autumn 2022 - A warm welcome to our new team members. Sue Wells, Victoria Jefferies, Linh Hoang, Amy Lawrence, Millie Druce, Gillian Boiling, Teodora Toia, Gemma Richards and Sharon Bastable. As well as Jess Mills who has joined us as our Eynsham Setting Manager. Recent Achievements Huge congratulations to Lisa Contstable, our Family Liason Officer, on the safe… Click for more details
Talking to children about death, loss and grief - Following the sad news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday 8th September, Willow Cottage would like to send our deepest condolences to The Royal Family on their loss. We also recognise that her death may prompt a variety of questions from your child/children. The below links may offer some guidance and support… Click for more details
And Autumn Begins - The summer is coming to a close, the school leavers are off on their new adventure and we're headed towards cosy jumpers and welly boot season. Whilst we are sad to move away from summer I have also learnt to appreciate the experiences that autumn brings us.  Click for more details
Donatella the tortoise - Recently Eynsham had quite an unusual experience when Graca brought in Donatella the tortoise for the children to see. She was babysitting him for a little while. Click for more details
Bletchingdon School Leavers Party - Saturday the 16th July was the day of our third and final School Leavers Party, this time it was the turn of the children at our Bletchingdon setting. Once again the weather was amazing and a fabulous morning was had by all. Click for more details
Farmoor School Leavers Party - On Saturday 9th of July it was time for our Farmoor setting to celebrate their 2022 school leavers. We had a great time, in fabulous weather and it was wonderful to be able to spend time with so many of our families. Click for more details
Eynsham School Leavers Party - On Saturday 2nd July the Eynsham team celebrated the transition of our school leavers to primary school in September. The weather obligingly held off and we were able to have a lovely time chatting to families and partaking in a delicious brunch Click for more details
Birthdays and Canada Day - We have had a lovely Canada Day celebration today, dressing up in red and white, playing with red and white sensory activities. We have made and eaten maple leaf chocolate chip cookies and had pink lemonade to drink at tea time. Happy Canada Day! Click for more details
An Alpaca Adventure - Today we were invited by Nuala and her family to walk across the paddock at the back of nursery to see some new additions on their farm. Four lovely alpacas named Marshmallow, Dolly, Marley and Messy. The children have been so excited and were talking about the alpaca visit all week. Click for more details
Apprentice nominations - We are thrilled to be able to announce more good news in relation to our fabulous apprentices, this time at our Bletchingdon setting. Congratulations Beth and Daniel for your award nominations! Click for more details
Bletchingdon Jubilee Celebrations - At Bletchingdon we have also had a wonderful week of celebrating the Queen. We have helped to made scones for the tea party and some dips for the breadsticks (chive dip and garlic dip) Click for more details
Eynsham Jubilee Celebrations - Our celebrations at Eynsham had been much anticipated. Lots of the invitations to play around the Jubilee were based on children's interests and evolved into even more child led experiences as the week went on. Click for more details
Farmoor Jubilee Celebrations - We have been looking forward to our Jubilee celebrations and have had all kinds of different sensory and creative activities available to be explored this week. Red, white and blue shaving foam, Jubilee rice, crown making, jewel and crown matching, finger painting and studying, drawing and building bridges like London Bridge. Click for more details
The Merry Month of May - The British weather has been out in full force during May. Rain, sunshine, wind, cool nights and warm days. Spring is rapidly becoming summer and the Willow Cottage growing season is in full swing. Click for more details
Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 - Supporting our teams, children and families with their mental health is something that we are passionate about. Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 gives us a wonderful opportunity to draw attention to some of the areas we can support each other throughout the entire year. Click for more details
Forest School Fun and Fire Safety - During the Forest School cycle the children have been learning about the fire circle and being safe around fire. They also have the chance to experience using tools such as the bow saw and have used potato peelers to whittle their own pencils. Click for more details
Forest School Fun - Both Bletchingdon and Farmoor offer Forest School sessions on a 6 week rotation cycle. Once the six week cycle comes to an end the day of the week Forest School is on is changed in order to allow all children to experience the sessions despite not all children doing the same days. The sessions are… Click for more details
Promotions, Length of Service and Achievements -Spring 2022 - Congratulations to Rubie Gray and Alice Woollard-Storey who have been completed their Level 2 apprenticeships with distinction and Michaela Abraham who has recently completed her Level 3 Team Leading qualification. Welcome back from maternity leave Nat Haynes to our Farmoor setting and Sophie Holcombe to our Eynsham setting. Click for more details