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Christina’s off to have a baby! - Today we wish Christina well as she goes on her maternity leave, we had a presentation with all the children and the staff and a shared lunch with a  variety of food. We will miss Christina lots and look forward to her coming back next year. We also wish her and Luke all the best… Click for more details
Willow Wildlife Week 27th – 30th August 2019 - For our final fundraiser for the Willow Cottage Chosen Charities 2018-19 Bletchingdon created a Willow Wildlife Week. Based on the National Trust’s ‘50 Things to do before you’re 11 ¾’, the teams were challenged to see who could achieve the most activities during the week. Click for more details
Beata’s Rhyming Zone - Beata (Eynsham Setting's Lead for Quality Teaching) has been developing a new Rhyming Zone in the Kindergarten room. Our Rhyming Zone has lots of bags with nursery rhymes or poems each with relevant props, some that we can make with the children at nursery. Click for more details
Recent feedback from our parents… - "My child is happy and content, he is well cared for, well fed, and staff communicate with me well. Since pre-school I am pleased to see more focus on reading/writing/phonics as well as free play. I feel staff know my son well and that means an awful lot. I love the structure you provide, the… Click for more details
Charlotte’s getting married! - Today we celebrated Charlotte’s last day before she prepares for her wedding. Click for more details
Nat’s getting married! - Today Nat goes off to get ready for her Wedding on Saturday. We would like to wish them both all the best for a lovely day and that they have a wonderful honeymoon in Maldives Click for more details
Bletchingdon Forest School - Sally has now completed her Forest School training and is awaiting her certificate, she has been running sessions for the three and four years olds on Tuesday mornings throughout the winter. The children have had a great time taking part in the following activities:Looking at and discussing bird’s nests and having a go at making… Click for more details
Our Latest ‘FUN FOOD NEWSLETTER’ is here! - If your child enjoys food preparation and cooking then you might like to try some of Mr. Willow's Fun Food Activities! This month's Fun Food eNewsletter includes how to have fun making Mr Willow’s Blueberry pancakes! Encourage your child to eat well and have fun at the same time! Click for more details
RAF Heyford 5K for our Chosen Charities - On Sunday the 16th of June, Ben Taylor (Team Leader for Eynsham's Lower Kindergarten) and over twenty other practitioners from our Eynsham Setting have decided to take part in a 5-kilometre run to raise money for our three chosen charities. Staff from all three departments will be running or walking the 5K at RAF Heyford… Click for more details
Love and Friendship Week - The children and staff had a wonderful week making flapjacks, low sugar biscuits, dairy free chocolate truffles and white chocolate and raspberry muffins to take home and share with their loved ones. We also played with heart shaped lose parts, set up a free hug from a cuddly toy station, talked about friendship, love and… Click for more details
A Big Snowy Thank You to our Amazing Teams - We would like to extend a huge thanks to the teams at all three settings. Snowy days will always be challenging for us as we are having to make decisions based on limited and changing information. We are very aware that these decisions impact not only the families that use Willow Cottage but also each… Click for more details
Marion’s Retirement - Changes of Job Roles in January 2019 at the Eynsham Setting – Marion Brodeur & Lorraine De-Banks Marion Brodeur - after nearly 14 years of service with Willow Cottage, Marion decided to retire from her position of Nursery Chef at the end of December 2018. Marion started at Willow Cottage in May 2005 initially working… Click for more details
Sophie’s Maternity Send Off - Sophie's Maternity Send Off Today the children and staff said goodbye to Sophie (Deputy Team Leader of Eynsham Kindergarten) as she goes on maternity leave.  Sophie started with us in September 2015 and was promoted to Deputy Team Leader in May 2018. We will miss her lots and look forward to her return later this… Click for more details
Bonfire Night at Bletchingdon - On the day of the bonfire all Preschool and Kindergarten children enjoyed hotdogs in the garden followed by fruit kebab rockets which they had prepared earlier. They also had the opportunity to toast marshmallows over a flame before we lit the fire and set off our fireworks in the paddock while everyone watched from the field. Click for more details
Martinstag at Willow Cottage Farmoor - Martinstag at Willow Cottage Farmoor Following on from the announcement of this year’s three chosen charities, SeeSaw, Sands and Helen House, we are excited to let you know that our first fundraising event at Farmoor was Martinstag. At Willow Cottage we have several families (and Nat Litzka of Farmoor's Kindergarten of course) with German heritage and… Click for more details
Where does our food come from? - We choose locally sourced and low mileage food as far as possible using organic, home-grown, and locally produced food, in preference (subject to availability and pricing). We grow, and prepare with a little help from the children, a variety of our own seasonable fruit and vegetables like apples, rhubarb, plums, spinach, runner beans, courgettes, marrows,… Click for more details
Childcare Vouchers - Childcare providers, like Willow Cottage, can continue to accept Childcare Vouchers as a form of payment from those parents who are already registered for and using the Scheme. However, from 4 October 2018 the Government has closed the Childcare Voucher scheme to new entrants. Please go to to find out about the current options. Click for more details
New Four Week Menu - Over recent weeks the children from all departments have been enjoying our Summer Menu. This has been very successful with its lighter menu replacing the heart-warming soups, pasta bakes, and hot fruity (though still low sugar!) puddings with more salad and lower sugar options. Within this menu they have also been gaining some new food… Click for more details
Tracking your Child’s Development – eyLog - At Willow Cottage, we recognise that each child’s home life and relationship with their primary carers has the biggest impact on their development. With this in mind, we are keen to encourage you to share with us via eyLog things that happen away from Nursery so that we can use this information to support your… Click for more details
Nikki’s getting married! - Today Nikki (Deputy Team Leader of Farmoor Kindergarten) goes off to get ready for her Wedding on Saturday. We would like to wish them both all the best for a lovely day and that they have a wonderful honeymoon in Mauritius. From everyone at Willow Cottage Nursery. Click for more details