Adam Grady – Quality Manager

Adam GradyAdam Grady – Quality Manager.

Adam has joined our team as our Quality Manager, with the aim of developing and promoting the wonderful work already being done at Willow Cottage; supporting our management team in our continued commitment to excellence. He is a dedicated team player and looks forward to encouraging and developing the whole Willow Cottage team.

He joins us from Dorset where he has spent the last 15 years working as a physiotherapist and leading and developing both NHS and private health services. He is also an asset advising our staff how to handle and lift to avoid back problems later on!

Adam’s wife Danni is a specialist paediatric Dentist right here in Oxford. They have three daughters; Grace, Olivia and lastly Hester who is currently at Willow Cottage Nursery herself. Adam has a wealth of knowledge and experience of physical development and has a keen interest in the special needs and educational development aspects of the care that we provide.