A morning in the life of Willow Cottage

In today’s post we have a little insight into our morning routines on a typical Friday at Willow Cottage.

As a general rule, each day follows a similar pattern and we know the familiarity helps the children to anticipate what comes next. There is always room for spontaneity however, as the children’s interests and preferences are listened to and respected.

Welcome into nursery and Mr Willow’s Breakfast Café

Free play and continuous provision

Messy and sensory play

Exploring elements of Chinese New Year – Making dragons

Free flow to outside, or Forest School for our eldest children, with puppet Willow

The Grizzly Bears, at Eynsham, have written a Acrostic poem about their morning adventures.

Good morning grizzly bear, it’s great to see you,
Rested and ready to play at twenty to,
Imagine all the things you might want to play,
Zooming, climbing and adventure all day,
Zip to the table, where breakfast awaits,
Lots of food, waiting there on a plate,

Beans” is the game, we all like to play,
Everyone being the bean that we say,
After this fun, to the garden we go,
Really, being a grizzly is all that we know,
So now that you’re here, play until lunch, learning all day, such a great bunch!

Creative play and fine motor skills

Getting ready for lunch and shared lunchtimes with peers