An Alpaca Adventure

Our Bletchingdon setting is fortunate to be located in the village of Bletchingdon which allows us the opportunity to go on little field trips every now and then.

Today we were invited by Nuala and her family to walk across the paddock at the back of nursery to see some new additions on their farm. Four lovely alpacas named Marshmallow, Dolly, Marley and Messy.

The children have been so excited and were talking about the alpaca visit all week. The 2, 3 and 4 year olds put on our sunhats and suncream, found the best listening ears we could find and held hands with a partner to walk across to the farm.

The grass had been mowed by Nuala’s Grampy to help us make the trip across to the alpacas more easily and we tried our best to avoid any remaining stinging nettles or thistles. We chatted all the way there about what we were going to see and where we were going, the field, the countryside and the different sounds we could hear.

When we got to the alpacas they made a very funny barking sound which Nuala’s mummy, Charlie, said was a warning noise. We thought that they were probably a bit startled by 25 children and their teachers coming to visit them.

Whilst we were visiting the alpacas were given their breakfast to eat which had healthy vitamins, fruits and grains to keep them strong. Just the kinds of things we need to keep us strong and healthy too. They had four bowls to choose from so they could each have their own but the children noticed they didn’t always eat out of their own bowls and they tended to share. We also saw their shelter where they can get out of the rain and sunshine.

It wasn’t always easy to remember that they were called alpacas. Especially for the younger children, and they were sometimes called giraffes, camels or elephants. It’s hard to remember the names of things. Especially when we are excited.

We had a really lovely visit and when it was time to come back to nursery we said thank you to Nuala and Charlie and walked back across the field. Thank you so much for having us. We had a wonderful time.