Baby Birds

At all our Willow Cottage settings we have a variety of bird boxes and places for nesting birds to make their home.

At Eynsham the Pandas have been watching the Blue Tits nesting in the bird box in their garden. Over the last week, they have made different bird feeders to hang in the tree with the children’s favourite being a hanging pot.

They have been closely observing the pot to see if the seeds have been eaten, informing the adults when the pot needs refilling and helping them to do so. 

The children are mindful of reminding everyone they all need to be quiet when near the bird box, so they don’t scare the birds. They know they may be able to see the mummy and daddy feed their babies if everyone is quiet enough. They have witnessed the baby Blue Tits poking their heads out of the box and we can hear them chirping and tweeting inside.

To follow on from this interest some of the Panda’s children have made their own Blue Tits using craft materials. They used pictures we had taken earlier in the week to help choose which colours to use for the features, as well as googly eyes and pipe cleaner legs. With some children remembering, very importantly, that they needed a beak.