Birthdays and Canada Day

at our Bletchingdon setting

The end of June and beginning of July are full of birthdays at our Bletchingdon setting. There are three members of the team who are born on the 1st July. This is a happy coincidence as this date also happens to be Canada Day. Alison brought this celebration back from Canada with her and we have embraced it ever since. This lovely celebration is starting to spread to our other two settings as well.

Mazz (our Bletchingdon housekeeper) celebrated a significant birthday today and as she is off on a very well earned break, the children were able to give her some gifts from all of us to help her celebrate. Mazz is not one for being the centre of attention, but was very touched by the presentation.

We have had a lovely Canada Day celebration dressing up in red and white, playing with red and white sensory activities. We have made and eaten maple leaf low sugar chocolate chip cookies and had pink lemonade at tea time with some fruit snacks. Happy 153rd Birthday Canada and Happy Birthday Linh, Claire, Mazz, Alison and Demelza.