Bletchingdon Jubilee Celebrations

At Bletchingdon we have also had a wonderful week of celebrating the Queen.

We have helped to made scones for the tea party and some dips for the breadsticks (chive dip and garlic dip). We also heard that the Queen happens to like a little sweet treat called ‘Jam Pennies’ so we also made some of those and they were delicious.

We had a variety of Union Flag sensory trays, and made our own mini Union Flags to wave as well as some fabulous crowns to wear for the tea party.

The older children had information all about the Union Flag, plus some Platinum Jubilee activity sheets (maze games and I-spy sheets).

We had a go at making some bunting and making decorations to ensure nursery looked wonderful for our tea party. The Tuff Tray was put to good use again with red, white and blue car painting and construction. We also used our weaving frames to have a go at some wool weaving.

The children in Forest School on Wednesday helped Sally to plant our Jubilee apple tree in a pot. We will have a little ceremony in the autumn when we plant the tree into the ground. We are looking forward to having some eating apples to go along with our established apple tree that gives us lovely cooking apples for our crumbles and compotes.

After a very enjoyable week of celebrations we rounded everything up with a tea party all together, appropriately in, The Jubilee Room, as we had a feeling it might rain. We ate our Jam Pennies, breadsticks and dips and homemade scones.

We hope you have all had a lovely long weekend and we look forward to seeing some photos of your Jubilee celebrations at home.