Bletchingdon School Leavers Party

Saturday the 16th July was the day of our third and final School Leavers Party, this time it was the turn of the children at our Bletchingdon setting. Once again, the weather was amazing and a fabulous morning was had by all.

As our families arrived Megan had made a beautiful ‘Then and Now’ board with our photos from when we started nursery to a recent one to see how much we have changed.

We had a lovely crown and friendship bracelet making station- which was a massive hit with both children and parents.

Diane, with a little help from the children, constructed and decorated the Willow Cottage Photo Booth and photo frame. We had lots of fun with it around the field. Even the parents wanted a turn.

During the morning there was plenty of water play and sand to explore and we turned on the sprinkler in the field to keep us cool.

Liz made plain and cheesy breadsticks and the children made biscuits shaped like squirrels and hedgehogs.

We pinned up the children’s ‘All about me’ sheets for everyone to see which were the same ones we sent to our new school’s when we went to the post box to post our letters.

We spent most of the time in the field, exploring the different areas before it started getting too hot. Towards the end of the party we had a certificate ceremony which was held on the big mound in the field. We followed this up with the, now traditional, Bletchingdon school leavers ice-cream station.

Thank to everyone who came and especially to the Bletchingdon staff for all your organisation efforts. We had a really lovely time. Have a wonderful time at school.