Bletchingdon Staff Awards

We are thrilled to be able to announce the winners of the staff awards for our Bletchingdon setting. The team at Bletchingdon have had the opportunity to nominate and vote for the colleague who they felt most fitted the brief of each category.

Covid Superstar Award

Sam Hitchman

For being someone who really stood up and stood out during the pandemic.

“Sam has dealt with so much during the pandemic and has supported the children, their families and every member of staff as if they were her own family.”

Congratulations also to the other nominees – Beata Webster, Hepsi Vasanth Kumar, Lauren Bolton and Ruth Salway

Shining Light Award

Hepsi Vasanth Kumar

For someone who is great to work with, fun to be around, positive, happy and a beacon of light.

“She is the kindest, most supportive team mate”
“Whenever I see her she is always so warm and welcoming.”

Congratulations also to the other nominees (There were quite a few!) – Diane Scarrott, Beth Egan, Beata Webster, Mazz Miller, Sally Owen, Jess King, Jo-Ann Mowbray and Megan Burrows.

Calmer of Storms

Megan Burrows

A consistently, calm diffuser of stress and anxiety in the workplace.

“Megan is always cool and calm and works well with the teams to resolve any issues.”
“Megan does a great job at being super calm, she’s really level headed.”

Congratulations also to the other nominees – Beata Webster, Mazz Miller, Jess King and Claire Harper

Dashing Debut Award

Casey Craft

A member of staff who started (or started a new role) within the last 12-18 months who has really stood out.

“Casey has made a fantastic start to her apprenticeship and has quickly become a valuable part of the Bletchingdon Team.”
“Since joining and starting her training you can see she is really applying what she is learning to her practise with the children.”

Congratulations also to the other nominees – Beth Egan, Alison Morris, Demelza Gurney, Jess King and Julia Da Silva