Bonfire and Fireworks at Bletchingdon 2023

On Monday, we celebrated Bonfire Night at Bletchingdon, we had a lovely afternoon of hot dogs and homemade ketchup all together in Foxes garden and we toasted pineapple on sticks over the marshmallow burners with Sally.

Meanwhile, Sam lit the bonfire in the paddock and lots of children were transfixed, asking great questions about what Sam was doing and why.

As it was getting dark Alison got the fireworks ready and we watched the lovely colours and sparks before finishing off with a bigger firework that shot into the sky 5 times!

There was also a firework that made quite a crackle, which was a little surprise for us all, but the children and staff handled it very well and everyone clapped and cheered.

After the fireworks we had time to have a play with our torches in the field. We shone them on the fence, on the tree, up into the branches and under the leaves looking for bugs. What a fabulous afternoon.