Bonfire and Fireworks at Farmoor 2023

On Friday 3rd November, children, parents and staff gathered in the field to celebrate Bonfire Night.

We were very lucky that the torrential rain stopped just in time and the bonfire had been built in preparation to keep it as dry as possible.

There was hot chocolate on offer and we loved watching the flames of the bonfire from a safe distance until it was dark enough to see the firework display.

The fireworks were as quiet as they could be and all the children managed the fizzes and pops very well indeed.

Thank you to Bryn for getting everything ready for the bonfire and to Charlotte for making sure everything was ready and safe for lighting the fireworks.

Thank you also, to all the team at Farmoor for preparing the children so well to watch the fireworks, and for planning things in advance to ensure such smooth transitions. It was a really lovely afternoon.