Bonfire Night at Bletchingdon

Bletchingdon rounded off the Guy Fawkes celebrations at Willow Cottage with a bonfire in the paddock and some fizzing, crackling and popping fireworks. We had a wonderful time exploring light and dark using our torches in the field. We rather enjoyed the dusk, it was so much fun.

During the day Foxes had made firework pictures with wool and all the children made fruit kebab rockets which they enjoyed with their hotdogs, and delicious homemade vegan ketchup, for tea. Sally and Claire helped us toast marshmallows over the marshmallow burners and they were very sticky and warm.

Thank you to Sam for another wonderful bonfire. It was a windy afternoon and we liked watching the sparks blow across the field in the breeze.

Alison lit the fireworks again this year and surprised us a little with one firework that made a bit more of a bang than we were expecting, but it also made beautiful colours in the sky. Lots of us had seen some fireworks over the weekend and we really enjoyed being able to see them again.

Our favourites were the ones that fizzed and crackled and neither the wind nor the rain could stop us from having a really lovely bonfire afternoon, wrapped up warmly in our waterproofs and wellies. See you again next year.