Bonfire Night at Farmoor

Our Farmoor setting kicked of the Guy Fawkes celebrations with a fizz, a crackle and a pop this evening as parents, children and staff came together to watch the fireworks and the bonfire in the field.

Huge thanks to Nicola and Charlotte for their hard work organising the bonfire and the fireworks and a special mention to Bryn who helped the bonfire along a little when it was struggling to catch.

Yesterday the children helped make a Superman Guy to go on the bonfire this evening and this morning the children gathered together the wood they would need for the bonfire and they absolutely loved getting involved.

This afternoon for tea we had hotdogs and hot chocolate with fruit for pudding followed by marshmallows toasted on the tiny burners. Yum.

At about 16:00 we went over to the field in our warm clothes and wellies where many of the parents met us and watched the fireworks also.

Thank you to you all for coming, it was lovely to have you share this experience with your child.