Bonfire Night

Remember, remember, the fifth of November! Here at Willow Cottage we have done just that. Bonfire night is a wonderful time in Autumn where we use a variety of enhancements and activities with the children to help us think about and celebrate over the course of our week.

We have been:

  • Firework painting with sparkly paint and forks
  • Making junk model rockets
  • Creating a fireworks display board
  • Talking about the different noises fireworks make
  • Using musical instruments to experiment with firework noises
  • Splatter painting to firework music

Bonfire Night is always highly anticipated. The children and staff often remember the event for quite some time, after the event. Recent feedback from a parent was that their child still talks to them about the fireworks from last year!

Today at our Bletchingdon setting, we celebrated with a slight change in our normal routine. We wrapped up warm in our coats, hats and gloves and took our tea outside. We had hotdogs in homemade ketchup with fruit kebab rockets. The children toasted marshmallows over the mini burners, before we lit the bonfire. We also took the opportunity to talk about fire safety. We could feel how hot the bonfire was, even though we were stood well back from it. At around four thirty, we were very excited to watch our child friendly firework display. There were no loud bangs and lots of pretty colours. After the fireworks, the children had great fun exploring light and dark in the field with their torches.

Today at Farmoor, we also had a firework celebration, we had our tea in The Orchard where our Forest School had made a shelter for us. We ate hot dogs, nursery made ketchup, fruit, marshmallows and had hot chocolate to drink. After tea we went over to the field for the fireworks and a bonfire where we admired all the wonderful lights and colours and some of the parents were also able to see from the car park also.

What a lovely time we have had at our Bonfire Night celebrations.