Chinese/Lunar New Year

Over the month of February the children at our Eynsham setting have been exploring Lunar New Year.

Pandas & Grizzlies had made and decorated a dragon head which they tried out dancing to traditional music with. They also were able to wear the masks of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

Grizzlies attempted to make their own fortune cookies which where delicious but quite hard to fold into the correct shape.

For tea Grizzlies made their own stir fry, trying lots of flavours. 

Pandas were able to watch videos about how Chinese New Year is celebrated in China while tasting some prawn crackers & apple “crisps”. They also made and decorated Chinese lanterns and played with noodles, trying to pick them up with tweezers/ chop sticks, which was quite tricky to do!

Sun Bears explored sensory rice, dyed in the colours of the Chinese flag and explored noodles. They also made dragon puppets which they could move along to music.

We have had a lot of fun learning about and exploring different cultures and celebrations.