Commendation for Donna

On the 4th of March Donna R – Eynsham, was shopping with her family when her daughter brought her attention to a man who was in distress in the car park.

Donna went outside and found a woman doing CPR on a man in front of her car shouting for help. She quickly assessed the situation asking for witness accounts, they suspected he had had a heart attack and as he collapsed he hit his head.

Donna instructed someone to call the emergency services, she also asked for somebody to see if there was a defibrillator near by, which there wasn’t. She then took over CPR which she did for a full 15 minutes until the ambulance arrived and took over.

Donna was very shaken but was comforted by police officers until she was ready to give a statement. A little while after the event she was informed that the man had survived.

Four months ago she was contacted about receiving a commendation award.
On the 7th of November she attended the award ceremony where she was thanked by the police for her quick actions and bravery. Huge congratulations Donna, you should be incredibly proud.