Exciting Times – Lu, Nicola, Nat and Jodie

Over the last few weeks Lu, Nicola, Nat and Jodie have all started their parental leave.

We would like to wish Lu all the best for her parental leave where she will hopefully have a little time to prepare before baby arrives. We presented her with her gifts on her last day and we surprised her at “Ready, Steady, Spice”, where the whole Bletchingdon team were waiting for her when she arrived.

We are looking forward to hearing of the safe arrival of her baby girl and we cannot wait for lots of cuddles. 

On Wednesday 1st November, we wished Nicola all the very best as she goes off have a few weeks’ before her baby arrives.

We are all excitedly anticipating the news about the safe arrival of her baby girl. As a team, we gathered to give Nicola her presents and cards and her key children enjoyed being the ones to carry the gifts and cards.

We look forward to catching up with Nicola once her baby has arrived and want to wish her all the best.

Nat recently started her second maternity leave and has been with us at Willow Cottage since 2015. Nat has mostly worked at our Farmoor setting and has been supporting our Eynsham setting for the past year.  She is well-known for her enthusiasm and her passion for the children’s learning and well-being.

Nat is all set for enjoying some special time preparing and welcoming her second child into the world.  We know that Nat will cherish every moment of her time with the new baby.  We here at Willow Cottage can’t wait to see if it will be a boy or a girl (opinions are divided!) and we are certainly looking forward to meeting them.

Jodie is the most recent mother to begin her parental leave, and we all gathered this week to present her with her gifts outside, in true Willow Cottage style.

We sang Jodie her favourite song, “I had a little turtle” and her key children loved giving her the gifts which we hope she enjoys. The Lions team will certainly miss all of Jodie’s jokes throughout the day.

We are excited to meet baby boy when he arrives.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our special mummies a restful start to their leave and hope to see you all, with the little ones, very soon.