Jubilee Celebrations at our Eynsham setting

Our celebrations at Eynsham had been much anticipated. Lots of the invitations to play around the Jubilee were based on children’s interests and evolved into even more child led experiences as the week went on.

Sometimes we don’t know where an invitation will lead and it is always a joy to go on the children’s journey as it unfolds.
One example of this is the red, white and blue pipette painting, which turned into target practice and was thoroughly enjoyed out in the garden.

We also accessed many kinds of messy and creative play including red, white and blue rice, playdough with Jubilee playdough boards as an enhancement, water play with rose’s, shaving foam, jelly and rice play and making decorations for the gardens.

We had a Queens’ tea party with real tea cups and saucers, watched an information video about what the Jubilee means and we loved making our own jam.

As part of our celebrations we planted an apple tree. We didn’t put it in the ground, we will do that in the autumn when the season is right, but we planted it in a pot which we will take good care of over the summer months.
Ruth made us our lovely sign with the wood burner. Thank you Ruth.

To round off our Jubilee celebrations in style we had a lovely afternoon tea in the garden. Wearing the crowns we made and Julie De Banks came back to say hello and we shared some delicious homemade scones. We have had a great time celebrating the Queen.

We wish all our families a very happy Jubilee weekend.