Farmoor Jubilee Celebrations

We have been looking forward to our Jubilee celebrations and have had the opportunity to engage with a variety of activities over the past week.

At the beginning of the week, a new book arrived with a note from the Queen’s Lady in Waiting.

The book The Queen’s Knickers was enjoyed by all the children and our designs can be seen hanging on the line in the car park if you’d like to take a look.

We have had all kinds of different sensory and creative activities available to be explored this week. Red, white and blue shaving foam, Jubilee rice, crown making, jewel and crown matching, finger painting and studying, drawing and building bridges like London Bridge.
We made and wore pasta necklaces, had red white and blue playdough in the field, had fun with powder paint flags.

On Wednesday, during our Forest School session, the older children helped to plant our new apple tree in celebration of the Jubilee. We didn’t put it straight into the ground as it isn’t the right season for that yet. We put it in a pot and we will take care of it through the summer until autumn when we will plant it out.
Shannon made us our lovely sign.

We all had our Jubilee tea together on a really long table in the field. Some of the children wondered when the Queen was coming to her party and were a little upset when we explained that she was extremely busy and couldn’t make it. However, we were sure she would have come if she were able to. In the end it didn’t matter too much that she wasn’t there, we had a really wonderful time without her.

To finish off the party we had a dance around the maypole because it isn’t really a party without some music and dancing.

Have a very happy Jubilee weekend to all our families.