Five Star Food Hygiene Rating

A big congratulations to Ciprian and our Farmoor team for achieving 5 stars, once again, for their Food Standards Agency – Food Hygiene rating today at their inspection. A wonderful achievement.

Willow Cottage has a rich history of prioritising nutritious home cooked food. Something we are very proud of.

Ciprian has been the chef at our Farmoor setting since 2014 and is an integral part of the nursery team.

He is a brilliant chef, makes a fabulous Chicken Curry and is famous for his Moroccan Lamb. Ciprian is passionate about cooking for the children and making sure they are well fed with delicious, fresh cooked food daily. He also loves to have fun with the children.

Ciprian is great at supporting the team with the cooking activities, giving tips and ideas and popping the creations in the oven for us!

We love taking our prospective parents into the kitchen, he is an active part of our show-rounds. He is passionate about explaining our menus and the importance of food at Willow. He, as with all the chefs, is a valuable part of our team.

Willow Cottage has been serving up delicious, healthy and nutritious home cooked food since it opened many years ago. We have won awards for our menus and the way we incorporate our food understanding and handling skills into our provision.

A huge thank you to Ciprian and all our chefs for everything you do as such a valuable part of our team.