Forest School Fun and Fire Safety

During the Forest School cycle the children have been learning about the fire circle and being safe around fire. They have had the opportunity to explore the fire circle equipment such as the kelly kettle, popcorn sieves, the watering can, plunge bucket, the fire bucket and the fire striker.

They also have the chance to experience using tools such as the bow saw and have used potato peelers to whittle their own pencils.

The children helped to collect sticks of different sizes to make the fire circle and the smaller sticks were used to make a small fire which we popped popcorn over using a pan and the popcorn sieves.

We have a few tree swings made from branches which are checked regularly for safety and replaced as needed. The children loved finding branches and testing them for strength by banging them on the Forest School seating. Then they helped choose a branch with the correct diameter for their hands to easily grip as they swing.