Interesting Insects

Today, at Bletchingdon, we saw a huge moth just resting on the wall. The children in Foxes were excited to see it as they are currently really interested in bugs and insects.

We talked about how you could tell if a moth was a boy or a girl and one of the children said “it could be a male or a female, a male which is like a boy or a female which is like a girl.”

The office printed out some pictures of our moth who is, of course, called Motthew and some pictures of a couple of possible moth species.

We compared the photos to each other side by side and we decided that the Blue Underwing moth looked most like Motthew. But this type of moth is quite rare so we weren’t sure.

As one of the teachers walked past Motthew on the wall, the wind blew and he began to fly, he definitely had blue underwings. What a privilege to see a rare creature at nursery.