More Tractor Excitement

Recently, the children at Farmoor were very lucky to have a tractor visit. Some of the children have been enjoying farms, playing with animals and demonstrating an interest in day to day life on a farm. They have also shown a sustained interest in vehicles.

To further this interest, Jess very kindly asked our gardener, Bryn, to pop by with his tractor for the children to explore. The children listened beautifully, sitting down nicely and watching on in excitement as Bryn drove it into the field.

Bryn took the time to explain all the features of his tractor, including the horn, steering wheel, pedals and most importantly how to raise and lower the bucket. He demonstrated this by picking up a plank of wood and then dropping it, which the children found very amusing.

It was then time for the children to have a go which increased the excitement. Each child who wanted to, had the opportunity to sit with Lucy on the tractor and practice using the horn and raising and lowering the bucket. They all waited so patiently for their turn to come.

Thank you to Jess for initiating, Bryn for his time and Lucy for supporting the children- she didn’t need much persuading! It seems as though some future farmers may be amongst us.