New Menu Trials

Please note that over the next few weeks we will be varying our normal menu pattern to include a few new recipes that have passed our Healthy Eating Criteria.

Our new ‘Four Week Rolling Menu’ which we are now updating and preparing in conjunction with the Government’s new guidance for menu and dietary advice which was published in November 2017. These recipes, menus and guidelines were jointly developed by the Department for Education, Department of Health and Public Health England and draw on advice from a panel of Early Years and nutritional experts.

We aim to trial only one new recipe per week, these variations will be highlighted on our Food and Nutrition Noticeboards as and when they are happen. Some recipes will be trialled several times.

Feedback from children themselves will go to decide on the recipes that will be adopted into our new ‘Four Week Rolling Menu’ that we aim to publish by the end of the year.

This trial supports our ongoing Nursery Food Matters Campaign, fighting childhood obesity and encouraging healthy lifestyles for our children.

Please note that for any of the new recipes to pass our Healthy Eating Criteria they must be: –

* low in sugar and salt

* use natural plant oils such as sunflower and olive oils

* contain no artificial flavourings or additives

* are nutritionally balanced and tasty

* are trialled and tested by the children themselves in our recipe trials

Thank you for those parents and members of staff who have sent in their recipe suggestions.