Owl’s Leat (Eynsham) Leavers Festival 2017

Our leavers party took the form of a “Leavers Festival” this year!  It was a rip-roaring success with all 30 school leavers, their parents and siblings having a wonderful celebration of the time spent at Willow Cottage. There was headband braiding and hair braiding and to complete the atmosphere giant bubbles and showers of confetti! There were lots of party games, parachute games and as usual an amazing array of low sugar homemade and healthy food. The children were presented with a graduation certificate signed by their teachers and a dated leaver’s pencil as they approached over the troll bridge. Last, but not least, they were awarded a special keep-sake autograph book which was personalised with the signatures of all their classmates who they have grown up with since they started as babies here at Willow Cottage.  We wish them all every happiness and great success in the future and will definitely miss each and every one!