Oxley’s Farm (Farmoor) Leaver’s Party 2017

Our leaver’s party was a very happy yet somewhat sentimental celebration as we had to say farewell to 28 school leavers and their families, many of whom had had several siblings with us over many years. We would like to thank them for their support and encourage them to keep in touch with us as the children grow up.
During the afternoon there was lots of laughter and party games, a sack race, a treasure hunt and wild life and nature quiz as well as the wonderful graduation ceremony. Thank you also to our cooks and team for the amazing party food provision with lots of low sugar homemade and healthy food for all to enjoy.
The children were all presented with a graduation certificate and medal with a special message from their teacher and a dated leaver’s pencil. A very special thank you to Evie’s parents Charlotte and Paul Oliver for the stunning leaver’s cake which depicted our nursery logo and was created from self-portraits and drawings made by the children and then beautifully iced onto the cake. We wish all the children happy and successful lives in the future and will miss each and every one!