Pancakes, Pancakes, Everywhere

Edited 2023.02.22 to add Bletchingdon Foxes, Badgers and Cubs pancake making, and Eynsham Grizzlies and Sun Bears.

2023.02.21 Today we celebrated Shrove Tuesday with an array of pancake activities. Not least of all was the making and the eating of the pancakes themselves.

Eynsham Sun Bears made practice pancakes to start with for sensory play, these ones are not for eating, what a fabulously fun mess!

We made mud pancakes and leaf pancakes outside in the garden in Pandas.

And of course we made the batter and cooked them on the griddle (very carefully because it was hot) before we got to taste them. Why do we eat them with lemon though? So sour!

Happy Pancake Day everyone.