Paper Making

A couple of weeks ago in Grizzly Bears they had a go at making paper! Robyn knew how much the children enjoy using paper which sparked a rather good idea, what if they recycled some used paper and made brand new, home made, lovely Grizzly paper? And that’s just what they did.

Step 1, Shred the old paper. Add colour and a little bit of glitter for good measure.
Step 2, Tip it in a big tub and pour in the hot water!

Step 3, Let it soak and become pulp, or mush (favourite word of the day!)
Step 4, Watch a short video on recycling! What we can recycle and where it goes to be sorted, also looking at the recycle logo on products.

Step 5, Using the home made sieve we pulled it through the pulp leaving a rectangle of mushy paper.

Step 6, Using our muscles we pressed out as much water as we could.
Step 7, After a good squashing we placed them into the sun to dry.

And voila! We had made paper.
What a wonderful experience. We know the children went home and talked about it because the parents noted how much fun was had!