A warm welcome to our newest team members.

Shirley Airies, Catherine Oneyemem, Jenny Swan-Taylor, Elizabeth (Liz) Sandalls, Ruby Plumeridge, Nelree Steenhoff, Ella Smart, Ellen Deacon, Jade Thompson, Bryony Palmer, Chloe Gaul, Isabella Sartain, Kayleigh Mort, Julie Bowne, Amanda (Mandy) Taylor, Caroline Makondi, Sinead Rawlings, Chelsea Carter, Georgie Kimber, Danielle Leeds, Ramsay Cochrane and Donna Rotherham.

Recent Celebrations

Casey Craft – Bletchingdon, completed her Early Years Practitioner (L2) apprenticeship with distinction

Many congratulations to Jade (Bletchingdon) and Aiden who got engaged over the Easter weekend.

Congratulations to both Jody and Lucy who were engaged over the Christmas break.

New Arrivals

Nikki (Farmoor) welcomed baby Ruben

Taygen (Eynsham) welcomed baby Eli

Teadora (Eynsham) welcomed baby Zoella

Beth (Eynsham) welcomed baby Maddie

Huge congratulations to you all. Thank you for sharing your wonderful news with us.


Shannon Griffin – Farmoor Deputy Manager

Emily Grant – Bletchingdon Team Leader

Jade Thompson – Bletchingdon Deputy Team Leader

Charlotte Cable – Farmoor Floating Deputy Team Leader

Lisa Constable – HR and Recruitment (Farmoor Court)

Anniversary Milestones and Achievements

Over 20 years’ service:

Ruth Salway and Julie Badnell

Over 15 years’ service:

Debbie Taylor, Emma Betterton and Alison Morris

Over 10 years’ service:

Hannah Willis, Charni Taylor, Elaine Cooper, Lorraine De-Banks and Hepsibai Vasanth Kumar,

Over 5 years’ service:

Megan Burrows, Veronica Williams, Ciprian Catalina, Shannon Griffin, Claire HarperNathalie Hayes, Lauren Bolton, Nichola (Nikki) Worden, Sophie Holcombe, James Grady, Ben Taylor, Sam Hitchman, Toni Gaul, Robyn Maddocks, Matt Foster, Sally Owen, Christina Goss, Donna Gleeson, Beata Webster, Graca Fernandes, Annabel Nash, Adam Grady and Charlotte Cable.

Over 4 years’ service:

Natalie Claricoats, Jo-Ann Mowbray, Kate Slade and Laura Salway,

Over 3 years’ service:

Andrea Bessenyei, Heidi Cooper, Hanadi Abouzeid, Lucy Austin, Zoe Brown, Wadeya Karrouchi, Charlotte Lonterman, Kate Fitzgerald, Simona Charvatova, Caroline Douglas, Diane Scarrott, Sarah Detheridge, Julia Da Silva and Taygen Shaw