Punnets of Plums

At all of our settings we are well and truly into the season of harvesting. Tomatoes, runner beans, blueberries, blackberries, carrots and really amazing sunflowers are all reaching their peak. Although, it doesn’t seem to be a great year for our apples.

At Bletchingdon, the plum tree has seen a bumper year with the branches laden with fruits for the children to pick.

There have been so many that the team have given some away to our Eynsham setting, where Donna, one of our chefs, has put them to good use by making some delicious seasonal recipes.

She has made low sugar plum jam, which will be enjoyed by the children on their scones, and an amazing plum crumble. We are keen to use as much seasonal produce as we can, whilst it is available, and the children love to help pick and collect the fruits and vegetables they see on their plates at lunchtimes and teatimes.

Happy harvest everyone!