At Willow Cottage we are always striving to provide a service that is the best it can be. Every year we send out a questionnaire to our current parents for feedback. Here are some of the things our 2018/19 parents are saying in response to the question:

What aspects of your child’s care does Willow Cottage do well?

“Willow Cottage has created a caring and fun environment for our child. Personal interest in our child’s development Friendly and responsive staff We feel Willow Cottage is interested in continuous improvement – for example the recent introduction of baby sign” 1/12/2019

“All staff are amazing they adapt to our child’s needs & have taken onboard methods & styles that have helped her confidence & devlopment. We cannot praise them enough.” 1/11/2019

“Making children feel safe and loved and making their safety and happiness their top priority.” 1/10/2019

“J loves his time at nursery and always has. I never have to worry about him as I know he’s in good care” 1/8/2019

“Our key worker, when in, gives detailed verbal feedback at the end of the day. Our son also has a very good relationship with her so she must be very attentive and caring. Staff are all very approachable.” 1/7/2019

“My child is happy and content, he is well cared for, well fed, and staff communicate with me well. Since pre-school I am pleased to see more focus on reading/writing/phonics as well as free play. I feel staff know my son well and that means an awful lot. I love the structure you provide, the ethos (including Grace and good manners), and the way discipline is managed (thinking spot).” 1/5/2019

“Probably a lot that I don’t see! He is well-cared for and happy. Staff show him affection and he is keen to go to the nursery so he clearly enjoys the activities that happen during the day and is keen to spend time there. Staff also communicate well with me and I enjoy the videos/reports/comments that are e-mailed.” 1/3/2019

“Creatively responding to a child’s individual needs on a day-to-day basis.” 1/3/2019

“Building trust with parents Participation with child Providing a safe environment” 1/3/2019

“Providing a wide range of activities and excellently structured activities to promote learning and
interest.” 1/2/2019