A warm welcome to our new team members.

Martha Shepherd, Jessica Harper, Rubie Gray, Sherry Smith, Sarah Taylor, Jane Gibbs, Jessica Klincsek, Ashley Ormandy-Salter, Donna Burton, Beth Egan and Kerry Smith.

Many congratulations to:

Charni and Ben Taylor (Eynsham) for the safe arrival of baby Freya.

Baby Freya Taylor

Mimi & Stevie’s Tudor (Eynsham) for the safe arrival of baby Raffi.

Baby Raffi Tudor

Nat and Mat Hayes (Farmoor) for the safe arrival of baby Benjamin.

Baby Benjamin Hayes

Rebecca and Jeremy Entwistle (Bletchingdon) for the safe arrival of baby Harriet

Baby Harriet Entwistle

Sophie & Ryan Holcombe (Eynsham) for the safe arrival of baby Billy.

Recent Achievements

We are delighted to have Hepsbai Vasanth Kumar and Donna Gleeson join us on a permanent contract.

Bletchingdon Nursery celebrated their 5th Birthday this Spring!


Jess King – Team Leader Maternity Cover (Bletchingdon Butterflies)

Demelza Gurney – Deputy Team Leader (Bletchingdon Bluebottles)

Zoe Brown – Team Leader (Farmoor Foxes)

Laura Starr – Deputy Team Leader (Farmoor Foxes)

Sarah Hill – Team Leader (Eynsham Grasshoppers)

Achieving a Level 2 in Childcare

Julia Da Silva – Bletchingdon

Simona Charvatova – Farmoor

Achieving a Level 3 in Childcare

Felicity Hopkins – Eynsham

Anniversary Milestones and Achievements

Over 25 years’ service:

Julie De-Banks

Over 20 years’ service:

Carol Simmons.

Over 15 years’ service:

Ruth Salway, Julie Badnell and Sharon Lee.

Over 10 years’ service:

Debbie Taylor, Emma Betterton, Alison MorrisHannah Willis, Chantal Bunce and Elaine Cooper.

Over 5 years’ service:

Lorraine DeBanks, Hepsibai Vasanth Kumar, Angela Willson, James Grady, Megan Burrows, Veronica Williams, Ciprian Catalina, Shannon Griffin, Claire Harper, Jennie Moss, Nathalie Hayes, Lauren Bolton, Sophia Matthews, Danielle Evans, Nicola Worden, Sophie Holcombe, Jessica King, Ben Taylor, Samantha Hitchman and Claire Sherlock.

Over 3 years’ service:

Graca Fernandes, Toni Gaul, Tracey Rowe, Robyn Ilott, Matt Foster, Sally Owen, Christina Halsall, Amelia (Milly) Bowden, Linda Huckin, Holly Keylock, Donna Gleeson, Beata Webster, Laura Starr, Annabel Nash, Adam Grady, Laia Puertas, Charlotte Cable, Thomas Calley, Molly Coombs, Michaela Abraham, Felicity Hopkins and Marianne (Mazz) Miller.