The King’s Coronation 2023

We have had a fabulous week of fun and exploration in the run up to the coronation weekend.


Cubs made apple flapjack and had red, white and blue fruit skewers for their coronation party. They also made crowns and flags and explored a red white and blue sensory tray.

Badgers made a fantastic cardboard castle which they have played in a great deal, they also made a castle door which was placed outside the entrance so when the children came into nursery on Friday morning they came through the castle door.

Throughout the week they have made sparkly crowns, crown biscuits, cheese and tomato pastry puffs, paper flags, red, white and blue ribbon flags, they have also listened to the National Anthem and their book of the month this month is, The King’s Pants by Nicholas Allan.

Foxes have been very busy preparing for our Coronation party, they made crown biscuits and made some bunting to decorate the classroom. They have learnt and sung the National Anthem and even stood to sing it just before their tea party. We discovered that one of King Charles’s favourite foods is a hard boiled egg, so Liz boiled some eggs and the children very carefully peeled them ready to have with their tea. Foxes also made crowns and have been dressing up with cloaks and crowns complete with Charles and Camilla masks.

They have also been reading stories about the coronation. The children were wondering what the king might wear so we looked at pictures of his gold cloak and his crown. We will be looking to see whether he has Crocs on his feet during the ceremony.



All rooms did lots of lovely activities around the coronation, Panda’s made crowns for the tea party and everyone made some bunting which was displayed throughout the rooms. The tea party was lovely and very well put together by Donna, we enjoyed sandwiches cut into fingers, scones, jam and cream, veg sticks and strawberries.

There were a few castles made by the children throughout the nursery and lots of imagination went into this. Grizzly Bears enjoyed learning how to paint the Union Jack and some were able to do so independently without having anything to look at. What an excellent memory they have.