Sowing, Growing, Weeding and Mowing

The British weather has been out in full force during May. Rain, sunshine, wind, cool nights and warm days. Spring is rapidly becoming summer and the Willow Cottage growing season is in full swing. All three of our settings are well equipped and eager to dive right in to their planting areas, pots and indoor growing.

Every year Valerie Grady our founding director, starts some of the more tricky plants off in the plant nursery before the settings are given them to grow on. We are excitedly waiting for their delivery next week.

In the mean time, anything that we have already planted out in our growing areas has needed a fair bit of water during the drier periods. There are never a lack of volunteers to brandish a watering can to help give the plants a drink.

More recently, the rain has poured and the sun has shone, perfect conditions for weeds to grow. We have used this as an opportunity to begin to help the children identify the plants we would like to grow and the ones we will remove to allow the others space.

The warmer weather (and not always needing wellies and waterproofs) has enabled us to access some different outdoor activities. Bletchingdon nursery have had their Pikler triangle outside on the soft surface whilst Eynsham have been accessing their hammock.

As always, we continue to nurture a love of books for the children all across Willow Cottage. The spring weather gives our outdoor creative and sensory experiences scope for a little more flexibility.

Happy spring to you all. If you’re growing anything at home please do send in a photo or two, your child can tell us all about it.