Totally Terrific Tractor Visit

On Friday, at Bletchingdon, possibly the most exciting thing since last Christmas appeared in the car park. A huge blue tractor. One of our families, had kindly offered to bring it along so the children could look at, explore and sit in it. The children have been so excited and have been talking about it all week.

The Badgers and Foxes chose whether they would like to go to the car park to see it the tractor, some children were a little reserved, which is understandable, as it was a new experience and those can be tricky.

Once we got to the tractor we were all a little surprised by how big it was up close. Even the little tyres were bigger than the biggest of children. The huge back tyres were almost taller than Megan, and that’s tall!

We were able to sit in the bucket which was so much fun, (Alison tested it out for us to make sure it was safe) until the sun heated it up a little too much. We looked all around the tractor and found very big numbers written on the tyres as well as some letters that were the same as some of the initials of our names.

At the back were the mechanical parts to hook up the plough and the flail mower. We heard how the plough turns over the soil to make a bed for the seeds.

We got to climb up really high to sit in the cab and pretend we were driving the tractor, which was a bit scary because it was so high but was also great fun.

All in all we had a terrific time in the sunshine. Thank you so much to Ed and Emily for giving up your time to enable the children to have this amazing experience.