Valentine’s Day and Love and Friendship Week

Last week at Willow Cottage we kept up our tradition of celebrating love and friendship during the week of Valentine’s Day.

We talked about love, what it means and what it feels like, about friendship and tried to notice the times we were able to be good friends to each other, as well as talking about teamwork and the importance of being kind.

Some of the invitations to play and activities available for the children were…

  • Making Jammie Dodger Valentine’s biscuits.
  • creating cards for loved ones
  • lots of different craft activities
  • Bringing in a favourite teddy/soft toy from home.
  • making Friendship Bracelets
  • making Colour Monster Cupcakes
  • reading different Love and Friendship books
  • making love heart cards
  • various sensory activities
  • making Apple Cake
  • creating Friendship Cards
  • making Heart Bird Feeders

What a wonderful week we were able to share with each other.