What does Willow Cottage do well?

In a recent feedback we asked the question “What does Willow Cottage do well?” here are some of the answers that our current and recent parents have said:

Please note that where a child’s name has been used we have replaced it with “our child”.

“Personal communication. We really value the warm welcome we receive from every member of staff at pick up and drop off, it feels like the staff care about our child on a family level, it’s not just a job for them. Thank you so much to the whole team, you all do an amazing job!” 12/31/2019

“All around the care is excellent. They seem happy, well fed and very tired at the end of the day.” 1/2/2020

“The staff are very caring and nurturing for the younger ones and are keen to explore their interests and develop their knowledge about subjects.” 1/1/2020

“There are some really lovely staff.” 1/1/2020

“Communication between parents and the nursery and also between all nursery staff about each
child.” 1/6/2020

“They give kindness, love and attention to my son and he thrives because of it.” 12/30/2019

“Very personable care and attention to detail. Each child feels special to staff and they make a huge effort to engage with them.” 12/29/2019

“Developing his confidence and abilities in all essential areas. Socialising with other children and adults, including good manners. Food is excellent. There is a genuinely caring, happy atmosphere.” 12/29/2019

“Our child feels nurtured and safe at WC. She had grown a lot in confidence, which I think is at least partly due to the child centred approach when she does it all herself.” 12/28/2019

“Parent feedback and good range of activities for all ages.” 12/28/2019

“The activities are varied and well structured. The staff have all been exceptionally caring during his settling in and have really helped ease my worries about leaving him while I go to work. They have such wonderful gardens which I’m sure he loves to go out in each day.”  12/28/2019

“Really treating each child as an individual.” 12/28/2019

“Nurturing, kindness, supportive, stimulating, guiding and disciplining. Loads of physical activity. Fantastic communication and relationships with staff and other children. 12/27/2019

“All of it. They have managed my child’s additional needs for medication and her allergies well. I also highly rate the standard of education..her counting, shapes, colours etc have come on so well.” 12/27/2019

“Positive attitude, good management of behaviour. Well organised.” 12/27/2019

“He’s a happy boy who loves nursery so I guess everything is done well!” 12/27/2019

“Carefully planned. Excellent care. Fantastic staff.” 12/27/2019