World Book Day

We have had a wonderful day celebrating World Book Day, with some amazing costumes and a vast selection of books and stories for us to share together.

At our Eynsham setting, Panda Bears have been exploring a ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears’ sensory play activity, they enjoyed scooping and mixing the porridge oats and feeding the bears. They have also enjoyed dressing up and bringing in their favourite books which they have shared together during circle time.

Sun Bears have enjoyed exploring a ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ sensory activity out in the garden, exploring all of the different textures and finding the bear in the cave. They have also enjoyed sharing their stories from home.

Grizzly Bears have enjoyed creating their own Elmer collages using colourful tissue paper, Making their own coloured slime to match the colours in the “Colour Monster” book, they enjoyed mixing and adding the correct ingredients for this.

They have also enjoyed using wooden hammers to rescue stick man out of the ice, sharing stories with their friends and, this morning, they attended a live storytelling event for World Book Day on Teams Where they enjoyed listening to Jake Hope’s new story ‘Lola Loves Walkies’, which was read by Jake himself. 

At our Bletchingdon setting, Badgers had World Book Day Dressing Up. With lots of Gruffalos and other Julia Donaldson characters (Zog, Stickman), a Potty Princess, Hulk, a kitten, a rabbit, a penguin and wearing our pyjamas.

The Foxes spent a long time looking at the books they had brought from home and were keen to read books with Alison before going home.

The Cubs were exploring their books throughout the day with many children looking so comfy and cosy in their pyjamas. The Yoto stories were listened to, story sacks and finger puppets were explored and we did so many things book related.

If you were in any doubt we are rather fond of books at Willow Cottage!