Our Curriculum and Pedagogy

Willow Cottage Curriculum Principals

Children will learn:

· To move with energy and control, in a variety of ways that are developmentally appropriate, through purposeful physical play; developing their vestibular system (movement and balance), proprioception (body awareness), gross and fine motor skills.
· To develop a strong understanding of how healthy food choices will help us to grow. That we, like plants, need a balance of food, sunlight/fresh air and water to blossom.
· To recognise the many emotions they feel and begin to develop beyond co regulation to self-regulation in response to big feelings.
· That we are all unique and to celebrate diversity.
· To gain independence in self-care skills such as personal hygiene, dressing, and toileting.
· The power of words in verbal and written forms, how to use them to delight in creativity and imagination, to explore, develop curiosity and find out about the world that we live in.
· To be confident to problem solve in a variety of situations, exploring different ways to approach their chosen goal.
· That it is OK when things don’t quite go to plan.
· To explore and use mathematical concepts in their play.

Our pedagogy includes:

· A strong continuous provision that provides inspirational opportunities for child initiated play both inside and out
· Use of observations (from practitioners and from home) to build understanding and inform future resourcing, activities and language to enrich and widen vocabulary.
· Practice based on professional understanding of child development to ensure that the response given to every child meets their individual needs.
· Warm and positive interactions
· Recognition and celebration of the process aspect of an experience, rather than the product/outcome.
· Respect for children’s agency within their play.
· The use of modelling, describing, using narrative and recalling an experience, questioning and exploring ideas, explaining, providing challenge and encouraging to extend children’s learning
· Placing value on every aspect of the daily routine to provide quality interactions and learning