Parent Partnership Information

Parent Partnership Information

Thank you for looking for our Parent Partnership Information. Below you will find the latest versions of policy documents, including our safeguarding information, as well as our Partnership Agreement and Parent Contract. 


Our highest priority is to make sure your child is safe, and a strong partnership makes this possible.

A summary of key safeguarding information can be found on our Safeguarding summary page.

Our full Safeguarding Policy and the associated policies are set out on our Policies page.

Updates to Our Policies and Other Partnership Information

We will regularly contact you via eyLog to inform you of changes to our Partnership Information.

A summary history of updates and amendments to our Parent Partnership information can be found here – Changes to Policies and Partnership Documents

Partnership Agreement and Parent Contract

The latest versions of the documents can be downloaded from the links below.

Partnership Agreement – Ver 17.6.8 (June 2023) This document sets out how parents and carers need to work together with the nursery staff to ensure that their childcare runs smoothly, as well as explaining other important information.

Parent Contract – Ver 17.5.8 (June 2023) – The primary legal contractual document between parents and the nursery, Willow Cottage Nursery Ltd.

We look forward to working in partnership with you to provide the very best care for your child.


We are in the process of moving all of our policies to our web site for your convenience and can be found at

All our policies are available to view at our settings or by request to the manager.