Passionate About Food

Passionate about Food

In our recent Inspections OFSTED says:

“Children gain an excellent understanding of healthy eating. They are highly involved in food preparation, such as collecting eggs from the nursery’s chickens and gathering apples from the garden. With the professional support of the nursery’s chef they make fruit salads or bread rolls for their tea and they taste and trial new recipes for the nursery’s menu. They benefit greatly from the nursery’s exceptional commitment to sourcing local, organic produce and to freely sharing their nutritious recipes with parents.”
Farmoor Setting – May 2011

“Exemplary focus is given to promoting children’s health and wellbeing… Children get involved in growing food to help courage healthy eating, whilst contributing to organic, nutritious meals.”
Eynsham Setting – June 2010

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The children’s menu is planned by the proprietor {who hold’s a Food Science/Nutrition Degree} to be healthy, nutritionally balanced and very tasty and enjoyable to eat. We thoroughly believe that healthy eating in the early years sets the trend for future lifestyle. Our home-made meals are freshly prepared by an experienced cook who provides us with delicious cooked dinners, followed by a selection of healthy deserts and teas. The children really enjoy them and are having their ”5 a day” and more!

Our Cook makes a selection of healthy teas including vegetable bakes, soups and pasta dishes accompanied by home-made rolls and bread. For sandwiches or toast we use a variety of savoury fillings like hummus, cheese, sliced ham, cucumber and Marmite. We also use honey and home-made fruit “butters” (these are made from home-grown fruits from our allotment and orchards and are only half the sugar of jams).

Where does our food come from? Please see our latest leaflet.

We use both wholemeal and white bread (making our own bread, rolls and fruit breads when-ever possible). Sunflower margarine is used for spreading. Teas are accompanied by various raw fruits and vegetables (seedless grapes, nectarines, mango, cucumber, carrot etc. and/or home-made fruit loaves, biscuits or cakes (reduced sugar).

Our meat is purchased from our local “Natural farm ” butcher. It is also selected for quality and leanness from the best cuts. We use lots of fresh fruit and vegetables every day with home-grown and organic produce used in preference whenever possible (subject to availability and to pricing). We also choose to buy local and low mileage products wherever possible. Our fish is sustainably caught. We have our own allotment and orchards for English seasonal fruit and vegetables.

We do not use any food colourings or artificial preservatives. Milk or water is offered to drink as required.

We try to be as flexible as we can in catering for special dietary requirements and these should be discussed initially when registering, specified on the Registration Form and detailed in writing to the Manager. We encourage breakfast to be given where possible before children arrive at nursery although we offer a healthy breakfast snack at “Cafe time”.