Recipes & Resources

At Willow Cottage Food Matters

Our “Three Week Rolling Menu” is available to view on the nursery notice board in reception. If you would like a printed copy please ask at the nursery office; it is available along with all our nursery Policies and Parent Information.

Using our recipes at home: Over the years many parents have asked us (normally following a request from their child!) for a copy of one or more of our nursery recipes. An individual recipe can be requested from the nursery office however we are delighted to say that we have now compiled and published an electronic recipe book with a full collection (all 180 pages of them!) of our award winning children’s recipes. You will be no doubt delighted that the recipes are “downsized” so as to be suitable for a small family.

‘Mr. Willow’s ABC of Cooking for Babies and Children’ (Family Sized) is available from as a DOWNLOAD.

Our electronic recipe books comes with an “active index” for ease of use, colourful photographs and step by step cooking instructions. There are also helpful suggestions for special diets, nutritional guidance and cooking advice.

The recipes have all been tried and tested by the children themselves over many years.

N.B. If you are a Nursery School and wish to use our award winning recipes you can now DOWNLOAD electronic copies of Mr. Willow’s Essential Recipes for Nurseries from

Other Early Learning Resources

As part of our Leading Aspect Award and the dissemination and sharing of our cutting edge practice we have now published some of the resources we use at Willow Cottage.

Mr.Willow’s Children’s Books (for an adult and child to share) follow a number of educational themes; all encourage healthy eating and have a healthy recipe to make with your child.

Mr.Willow’s Children’s Books are available as paperbacks and eBooks from online book sellers (Amazon, Apple iStore, WH Smiths, Waterstones etc).


At Willow Cottage we have a longstanding reputation for high standards, a string of national food awards, and have recently received a Leading Aspect in Education Award for our cutting-edge performance and practice within early year’s education. This is a new level of excellence in the way we deliver healthy high quality food and integrate Fun Food education within the Early Years Foundation Stage and out into the wider community. We now work in partnership with our parents, staff and other early years settings in an innovative way with our “Fun Food Family Packs” which allow our resources to go home with the children to share with their families.

Working in Partnership with Nursery Food Matters to help fight childhood obesity and its related diseases and to raise standards in Early Years Nutrition we have created our own HEALTHY FOOD HERO to help us in our quest. Mr.Willow (The Bear Chef) helps us make it all fun for the children!