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Frequently Asked Questions About Arranging a Visit

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When should I start thinking about applying for a place at Willow Cottage?

Most children join Willow Cottage at the age of around 6 to 10 months. These children will fill the nursery and will usually stay with us until the age of school. Most places are therefore filled by young children joining Willow Cottage and we have relatively few places that become available for older children. 

We recommend that you start the process of applying for a place during the mother’s third trimester if you have an idea of when you might like your child to start (For example if you know when the mother will return to work). Places are usually filled 8 to 10 months in advance. 

How soon can I have A show round?

The admissions officer will get back to you within a week to let you know that they have passed on your detail to the appropriate manager.

The admissions officer will check the information you have sent us and let you know if there is very little chance we will be able to help you. If there is a possibility we will be able to offer you a place they will pass on your details to a manager who will subsequently make contact with you to arrange a show round. You will usually expect to hear back from a manager within a month.

The manager will take into account our current predicted occupancy, our waiting lists, other show rounds and the other parents currently being offered places when they decide if we might have a place for you child. This is a very time consuming process and a quick response is hard to offer. 

What are the factors that affect availability and waiting lists?

Most places become available for our youngest children (from around 6 months) in our nursery department. These children will join us and the majority will stay until they are ready to leave for school. This is why places for older children are harder to get. 

Some days of the week are more popular than others. The more flexible you are able to be about the number of days and the particular days of the week you require the more likely we will be able to offer you a place. 

Children who are already with us who wish to pick up an extra day will be given priority over new parents.  

The availability request form can be found here.