Amazing Apprentices

It has not been the easiest of time to study and start a career in Early Years, at Willow Cottage we are extremely proud of our apprentices. Across Bletchingdon, Eynsham and Farmoor the story is the same. Our apprentices are flying.

When apprentices first join Willow Cottage we invest our time, knowledge and experience right from the start. Allowing our Level 2 Trainee Early Years Practitioner apprentices the opportunity to settle in slowly. We choose not to include them in our staffing ratios initially whilst they are learning so much and the teams are so appreciative of the extra pair of hands that give them support within every area of practice.

The ability to learn about a chosen career in a less pressured environment is invaluable. Our apprentices are able to support the teams, build their confidence, add their ideas for activities and gain learning opportunities for both themselves and the children as part of the wider team. It’s wonderful to see their personal development into professional, enthusiastic practitioners and for us to have opportunities to help them further their career through our company.

Simona, a Level 3 Early Years Educator at Farmoor says, “Willow Cottage Nursery has supported me very well. My colleagues are very helpful and knowledgeable. They gave me the time for study and helped me by explaining things when I didn’t understand or was confused.

It worked well for me, studying and working at the same time. I particularly find the practical side very beneficial because it helps me understand better and more quickly. I really enjoyed learning about children’s development across the ages and because of this I could support their individual needs.

Julia, a Level 3 Early Years Educator at Bletchingdon says, “I really appreciate being an apprentice at Willow Cottage. Everyone is really supportive and willing to help me out, from answering questions to helping with laptop troubles. The managers have been really diligent in planning out my training time.”

Both Simona and Julia studied their Level 2 Early Years Practitioner apprenticeships at Willow Cottage before moving on to do their Level 3’s.

Apprentices of all levels are role modelled and mentored by our managers, qualified staff and Head Teacher as well as by college tutors and assessors. In fact, the whole of the nursery team have learnt to support and encourage apprentices. We know that these talented practitioners will be the Early Years Professionals educating and nurturing young minds into the future. Thank you to all of our current and qualified apprentices, for the work you do, the care you show and your passion and enthusiasm. Keep up your amazing work, we appreciate you greatly.

If an apprenticeship at Willow Cottage seems like something you would be keen to know more about please do take a look at our website as well as our Willow Cottage Facebook page. There is an application link below if you would like to apply for one of our apprentice positions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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