At Willow Cottage we are always pleased when we receive feedback. We would like to share with you some of our most recent feedback.

Our child has thoroughly enjoyed spending time with all of the team at Willow and his peers, establishing some blossoming friendships. He talks daily of the activities and tasks he has undertaken with excitement. Willow has certainly been a great environment for him to enjoy and shares his passion of the great outdoors, the setting is beautiful, and we have taken pleasure in knowing he was able to learn and play in such a wonderful place. The learning and activities have been varied giving our child lots of new experiences and opportunities to be creative.

We are especially pleased with our child’s progress during his time at Willow Cottage and the efforts made both by our child and the team to make his transition to the setting smooth and with ease. The relocation to the area in July of last year was a large move for our child and leaving his family and familiar faces behind was daunting for him, however he approached each new beginning with positivity, thus helped with the encouragement of Willow.

Each member of staff at Willow has always made us feel welcome with a kind and friendly yet professional approach.

We’ve noticed many developments whilst our child has attended Willow Cottage, sharing core values and helping him mature, of late we are pleased with progress of number recognition and word/letter sounding. The team have shared useful tips and hints to help our child dress himself, put his coat on etc and have always encourage independent behaviours. We’ve really appreciated the assistance.

Our joy in knowing our child was in the correct setting was understanding both Willow Cottage and we share the same values, to be kind, caring, to be independent, to listen, to understand, to be honest, promote teamwork, show empathy, respect and most of all to be happy and confident within your environments. Our child repeats many sayings the team at Willow promote, we smile each time we hear them.

We’ve enjoyed receiving updates via the eyLog, in a period of time which has been difficult through the pandemic, this has created the insight of how our child’s time is spent at Willow. Each observation has been welcomed and we’ve thoroughly taken delight in reading.” Lian G, July 2021

“Just wanted to say, we have been so happy with your setting, the friendly nature of the staff, and the bubble system seems to be working pretty well too. I hear others complaining about things to do with their nurseries, and I can honestly say I never have a thing to moan about! Our child comes back happy, well fed, muddy/sandy and full of stories – its wonderful!” Charlotte W, July 2021



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