Gooseberries Galore

This month the children at Willow Cottage have been having lots of HOME GROWN gooseberry fun.

Gooseberries are nutritious berries containing lots of Vitamin C and E as well as antioxidants.

We have been encouraging the children to develop their food handling skills and food understanding with lots of sensory activities such as smelling, touching and tasting as well as chopping and baking.

Kate, one of the teachers at our Owls Leat Eynsham Nursery, says: “Our Grasshoppers had fun investigating gooseberries at circle time. Some of the children thought that they were blackberries. We passed them around and were surprised that they felt a bit prickly.Then we looked at the different colours and sizes and the children sorted them onto paper plates.

Then came the best bit! Some of the children were brave enough to taste the gooseberries as did the teachers. Everyone made a funny face as they discovered a new taste ‘Sour’. Some of the children liked the taste but most didn’t.

Then we made the gooseberries into puree in the microwave and discovered  that with a little sugar they tasted much nicer. 

Sharon, the Third in Charge at our Farmoor Nursery says: “We had a lovely time making low sugar gooseberry buns which the children ate for their tea.

Sam, the manager of The Old School at Bletchingdon Nursery, said that the children loved the gooseberry activity and after their investigations of the strange prickly fruit actually plumped for making a low sugar gooseberry compote to accompany their old fashioned rice pudding which was on our Four Week Rolling Menu for that day.  It was loved by the children who said it was delicious.”

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