Ofsted Says

Outstanding Outcomes for our 2013 Ofsted Inspections

Willow Cottage Nursery, Owls Leat, Eynsham, and Willow Cottage Nursery,Oxleys Farm,Farmoor have both been awarded an OUTSTANDING status by Ofsted in all areas of judgement. Willow Cottage Nurseries have been heralded as being highly effective early year’s provisions meeting the children’s needs exceptionally well.

What does Ofsted say about us?

The leadership and management team is outstanding. There is a dedicated designated safeguarding person in place to ensure that staff implement safeguarding policies and procedures with rigour.

Staff provide outstanding opportunities and resources for children to develop their physical skills within the nursery. The awe-inspiring outdoor facilities enable each age-range of children to fully develop their physical skills, irrespective of the weather.

Staff interaction with children is highly effective in extending their learning through open-ended questioning and through solving problems.

The range of resources both indoors and outdoors is exceptional. Staff support children’s play enthusiastically by enabling them to freely choose resources for themselves.Staff provide children with excellent outdoor learning opportunities that fully support all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The abundantly resourced literacy areas enable older children to develop their early writing skills.

Inspiring opportunities exist for all children to develop mathematics skills that are firmly embedded into play routines.

The outdoor areas enable staff to develop exceptional opportunities for children to develop an understanding of the world

Staff use a highly impressive range of assessment methods to monitor all children’s learning and development.

Staff use highly-reflective practices that meet the precise teaching and learning needs of particular groups of children.

The concern for healthy diets is exemplary. The nursery has received a Leading Aspect Award for work in food education. Staff publish healthy recipes in ‘Mr Willow’ books for children and the recipes are available online for parents and for other preschool to use so that information about healthy diets for children is spread. A three-week rolling menu is prepared to ensure that children eat locally-sourced seasonal food whenever possible. Meals are freshly cooked on the premises. Children and their key workers eat in relaxed family-style groups. The nutritious diet helps to ensure that children keep well and are motivated to learn.

Excellent communication and trust is well-developed between key persons and parents. This facilitates highly productive parental involvement in children’s learning.

· All areas of the nursery building, both indoors and outdoors are bright, clean and extremely well maintained. Toys and appliances are washed in anti-bacterial solutions to create a meticulously clean environment in which children are well and thrive.

The organisation of all areas within the nursery and kindergarten is excellent.

Staff create a highly stimulating indoor and outdoor learning programme.

Key persons pay meticulous attention to their key children’s personal and social development. They demonstrate a secure knowledge of how children develop and develop a very close partnership with parents helps ensure that each child’s individual learning and care needs are fully met.

Staff provide children with unlimited opportunities to support their physical development. Spacious indoor and outdoor areas enable all children to move freely and use their bodies to develop their play.

Staff use the well-stocked writing area to challenge children to further develop their emerging literacy skills.

Parents report that their children are considered to have excellent literacy skills when they move on to school.

Staff make full use of exciting teaching opportunities to explore mathematics with children.

The provision for understanding the world is inspiring.

Staff use a range of highly informative assessment methods. These are used to keep parents informed about their children’s progress over time. Staff accurately identify children’s next steps in learning.

Staff are exceptionally proactive in ensuring that children with particular needs are included and well provided for.

Staff work closely with other professionals to ensure that children get the services they need.

Parents report the highest levels of satisfaction with the provision and the partnerships they have with staff.

Staff are highly knowledgeable about procedures to keep children safeguarded.

The attention that staff give to support children’s positive behaviour is exemplary.

Staff spend extended periods of time modelling consistent positive behaviour to children.

The highly-proficient teaching and management teams are well qualified to carry out their roles and responsibilities. The abundant deployment of teaching staff, along with the back-up of management staff, enables ratios to be met and often surpassed. This ensures that staff can often give children individual attention to support their needs. A significant number of staff hold peadiatric first-aid certificates which means they competently respond to children in the event of an accident or illness. Staff are provided with thought-provoking professional development opportunities that have a beneficial impact on how they teach children.

Staff are highly effective in meeting their responsibilities to plan and assess children’s learning in line with Early Years Foundation Stage requirements. Extensive long, short and individual learning plans help to ensure that children’s individual and collective learning needs are exceptionally well met. The assessment process is made highly effective through the involvement of parents.

All staff are involved in a highly reflective self-evaluation process. This enables the whole staff team to critically examine their teaching and take positive steps to identify areas for improvement. This leads to concerted efforts to bring about change that is beneficial to children and families and is supported by all staff. Staff work in exceptional ways to promote parent involvement in the nursery. A range of highly effective two-way communication channels operate to keep parents informed of events and issues. At the same time staff listen intently to all parent feedback. This enables parents’ views regarding their child’s well-being to be considered in policies and procedures.

How well the early Years provision meets the needs of the children who attend. OUTSTANDING.

The contribution of the early year’s provision to the well- being of children. OUTSTANDING.

The effectiveness of the leadership and management. OUTSTANDING.

Read the 2013 Ofsted Report for Willow Cottage Nursery, Oxleys Farm, Farmoor, Oxford.

Read the 2013 Ofsted Report for Willow Cottage Nursery, Owls Leat, Eynsham, Witney.