Ofsted Reports

What does Ofsted say about us?

All nurseries in the England are regulated by Ofsted and most will receive a visit from an inspector every 4 years. The inspector will spend a day within a setting reviewing the procedures and watching the staff as they care for the children.

Nurseries are very special places for the children who attend, and it must be very hard for inspectors to fully do justice to any setting. We have always been delighted with the wonderful thing our inspectors have chosen to say about our nurseries.

Below you will find the summary sections of our latest reports and links to the full documents. 

Farmoor (between Cumnor and Farmoor)
– Most recent Ofsted rating (2014) – Outstanding

Eynsham (between Eynsham and Church Hanborough)
– Most recent Ofsted rating (2014) – Outstanding

Bletchingdon (between Kidlington and Bicester)
– Most recent Ofsted rating (2018) – Good

Farmoor Setting Summary

The nursery team provide excellent opportunities for children to learn across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage, both indoors and outdoors.

Staff teaching of literacy skills is exceptional and enables children to be well prepared for their move to school.

Staff’s use of the assessment process is highly effective in involving parents to ensure accurate tracking of children’s progress.

The nursery team promote children’s awareness of healthy living and a healthy diet exceptionally well and this has a significant impact on children’s well-being

The partnerships with parents is extremely well developed and provides children with excellent support both in the nursery and at home.

The leadership and management team is highly effective in supporting the whole staff team so that children’s needs are consistently well met.

Eynsham Setting Summary

Staff consistently include parents in the assessment process to ensure a full picture of children’s achievements and areas to develop further is recorded.

Parents contribute to individual play plans that feature children’s achievements at home to promote a fully cohesive approach to learning.

Staff provide children with excellent outdoor learning opportunities that fully support all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Staff implement exceptional responsive planning that incorporates children’s own interests.

The nursery team excellently promotes children’s awareness of healthy diets.

The systems for self-evaluation are robust and give each member of staff a voice to ensure strengths and areas to improve are identified.

Bletchingdon Setting Summary

The manager is ambitious and has high expectations for the nursery. She values the opinions of staff, parents and children and actively seeks their views when evaluating the provision. She successfully incorporates their comments and suggestions into her plans for future development, to help make continual improvements that enhance outcomes for children.

Children are confident, with good self-esteem. The very effective key-person system and settling-in procedures support children well. They quickly develop good relationships with staff and make friends with other children, showing they feel emotionally secure.

There is a strong partnership with parents, enabling the effective sharing of detailed information. This helps staff to know each child’s home care routine and also supports children’s learning at home. Parents feel valued and speak highly of staff.

Children are enthusiastic learners who are keen to explore and investigate. The stimulating and welcoming environment supports children’s independence and learning.